My First Visible Transformation As A Raw Vegan


Hello dear readers,  friends and family 🌹

As I promised some time ago, that I will post pictures before/after to see the progress… well here I am with my first clear result as a Raw Vegan Runner. As you see this huge spots on my face are gone. I still see some shadow when I look in the mirror,  but people say that I am the only one that sees them.

And I am looking into the sun and the sun is mean always showing every detail. Not even my eyebrows are done 😅
I am using lipbalm “Blueberry” from the Bodyshop to protect my lips from the cold weather and the only thing I also have is native organic coconut oil on my hole body.

I hope you like it and feel inspired and motivated ❤

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Hugs & Kisses 💋


The Aloha Spirit



Hello, hello….. hello! Rote Rose

Here is something very beautiful I wanted to share with you, The Aloha Spirit Herz

I found some months ago an excellent explination I want to share now with you:

The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.

In the Hawaiian language, aloha stands for much more than just “hello” or “goodbye” or “love.” Its deeper meaning is “the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).”

As you share this energy you become attuned to the Universal Power that the Hawaiians call mana. And the loving use of this incredible Power is the secret for attaining true health, happiness, prosperity and success.
The way to tune into this Power and have it work for you is so simple that you might be tempted to pass it off as being too easy to be true. Please don’t let yourself be fooled by appearances. Take the time to try it out.
This is the most powerful technique in the world, and although it is extremely simple it may not prove easy, because you must remember to do it and you have to do it a lot. It is a secret which has been given to humanity over and over again, and here it is once more in another form. The secret is this:
Bless everyone and everything that represents what you want!

That’s all there is to it. Anything that simple, however, does need some explanation.

To bless something means to give recognition or emphasis to a positive quality, characteristic or condition, with the intent that what is recognized or emphasized will increase, endure or come into being.
Blessing is effective in changing your life or getting what you want for three reasons: First of all, the positive focus of your mind stirs up the positive, creative force of the Power of the Universe. Secondly, it moves your own energy outward, allowing more of the Power to come through you. Thirdly, when you bless for the benefit of others instead of directly for yourself, you tend to bypass any subconscious fears about what you want for yourself, and also the very focus on the blessing acts to increase the same good in your life. What is so beautiful about this process is that the blessing you do for others helps them as well as you.

Blessing may be done with imagery or touch, but the most usual and easy way to do it is with words. The main kinds of verbal blessing are:

Admiration – This is the giving of compliments or praise to something good that you notice. E.g., “What a beautiful sunset; I like that flower; you’re such a wonderful person.”

Affirmation – This is a specific statement of blessing for increase or endurance. E.g., “I bless the beauty of this tree; blessed be the health of your body.”

Appreciation – This is an expression of gratitude that something good exists or has happened. E.g., “Thank you for helping me; I give thanks to the rain for nourishing the land.”

Anticipation – This is blessing for the future. E.g., “We’re going to have a great picnic; I bless your increased income; Thank you for my perfect mate; I wish you a happy journey; May the wind be always at your back.”

In order to gain the most benefit from blessing, you will have to give up or cut way down on the one thing that negates it: cursing. This doesn’t mean swearing or saying “bad” words. It refers to the opposite of blessing, namely criticizing instead of admiring; doubting instead of affirming; blaming instead of appreciating; and worrying instead of anticipating with trust. Whenever any of these are done they tend to cancel out some of the effects of blessing. So the more you curse the harder it will be and the longer it will take to get the good from a blessing. On the other hand, the more you bless the less harm any cursing will do.

Here, then, are some ideas for blessing various needs and desires. Apply them as often as you like, as much as you want.

Health – Bless healthy people, animals, and even plants; everything which is well made or well constructed; and everything that expresses abundant energy.

Happiness – Bless all that is good, or the good that is in all people and all things; all the signs of happiness that you see, hear or feel in people or animals; and all potentials for happiness that you notice around you.

Prosperity – Bless all the signs of prosperity in your environment, including everything that money helped to make or do; all the money that you have in any form; and all the money that circulates in the world.

Success – Bless all signs of achievement and completion (such as buildings, bridges, and sports events); all arrivals at destinations (of ships, planes, trains, cars and people); all signs of forward movement or persistence; and all signs of enjoyment or fun.

Confidence – Bless all signs of confidence in people and animals; all signs of strength in people, animals and objects (including steel and concrete); all signs of stability (like mountains and tall trees); and all signs of purposeful power (including big machines, power lines).

Love and Friendship – Bless all signs of caring and nurturing, compassion and support; all harmonious relationships in nature and architecture; everything that is connected to or gently touching something else; all signs of cooperation, as in games or work; and all signs of laughter and fun.

Inner Peace – Bless all signs of quietness, calmness, tranquility, and serenity (such as quiet water or still air); all distant views (horizons, stars, the moon); all signs of beauty of sight, sound or touch; clear colors and shapes; the details of natural or made objects.

Spiritual Growth – Bless all signs of growth, development and change in Nature; the transitions of dawn and twilight; the movement of sun, moon, planets and stars; the flight of birds in the sky; and the movement of wind and sea.

The previous ideas are for guidance if you are not used to blessing, but don’t be limited by them. Remember that any quality, characteristic or condition can be blessed (e.g., you can bless slender poles and slim animals to encourage weight loss), whether it has existed, presently exists, or exists so far in your imagination alone.

Personally I have used the power of blessing to heal my body, increase my income, develop many skills, create a deeply loving relationship with my wife and children, and to establish a worldwide network of peacemakers working with the aloha spirit. It’s because it has worked so well for me that I want to share it with you. Please share it with as many others as you can.

How to Enhance Your Power to Bless

There is a technique practiced in Hawaii which enhances your power to bless by increasing your personal energy. It is a simple way of breathing that is also used for grounding, centering, meditation and healing. It requires no special place or posture, and may be done while moving or still, busy or resting, with eyes open or closed. In Hawaiian the technique is called pikopiko because piko means both the crown of the head and the navel.

The Technique

1. Become aware of your natural breathing (it might change on its own just because of your awareness, but that’s okay).
2. Locate the crown of your head and your navel by awareness and/or touch.
3. Now, as you inhale put your attention on the crown of your head; and as you exhale put your attention on your navel. Keep breathing this way for as long as you like.
4. When you feel relaxed, centered, and/or energized, begin imagining that you are surrounded with an invisible cloud of light or an electro-magnetic field, and that your breathing increases the energy of this cloud or field.
5. As you bless, imagine that the object of your blessing is surrounded with some of the same energy that surrounds you.

By Serge Kahili King – The Aloha Project

Herz ALOHA Herz


When Choosing A Partner



It is very important for man and woman to know who they are and what they want themselves first, before choosing a partner. As inspiration want to share my own way/experience.

I believe there are 4 aspects to consider:

1. The Mental Frequency
Both should share the same principals and have the same ethics. And both should have the same level of intelligence that connect them.

2. The Spiritual Frequency
It is very important that both believe the same and are willing to keep developing in their spiritual life.
For example: I don’t have a specific religion, but I learn from every culture and belief in this world and the ancient, what is helpful to support my believe for high ethics. From the Polynesian Huna till the Indian Yoga techniques and ancient vegan nutrition. If it helps me to be a better person, I learn it.
So I will choose a person who thinks and believes the same.

3. The Body Frequency
A healthy soul & mind in a healthy body.
It is very important to feel attracted to each other. It is simply not true that love oversees.
Who wants to have sex with a man or a woman with hygienic issues or that is so overweight that you have to search for everything first, the light has to be off, no sexy underwear, no sexy muscles to touch and after 2 min. it is over, because no fun.
Yes… I say it like it is.
Taking care of the body with food, love and sports is elementary.

4. The Material Frequency
We live in the 3rd Dimension and this is the Dimension of the Material. We came here to make Material experiences. From doing money, choosing a career etc. Think on how you want to spend your energy and on what. And choose someone who does the same.
For example: I love business, I love the creative world, I love the idea and image of being an Entrepreneur (and I know I’m on the way) …yes I love the luxurious lifestyle, but the new sustainable way. When you have a lot of money, you can buy the best organic and sustainable products in the world. This is fact. So the most healthy lifestyle requires a very abundant mind. And even if my partner chooses to earn his money with an other career, the thinking should be the same.

In the Ancient Vedas, one of the most oldest scientific books on this planet, they figure out how to get the Alchemy from people and make good matches. They used the Vedic Astrology and some techniques. Today modern science is trying to do the same with all the DNA research, a thing that Chinese ancient and Mayan ancient science already did (I Ging and the Mayan Calender)

I personally don’t understand why people ignore this incredible knowledge left for us… we just have to try it and see that it works 100%! (And if not, we made a mistake, not the book. ..That is what I figured out)
In the Vedic Match making under other aspects, there are considered the Gunas, measured by the position of Moon in Astrology when the person is born in detail by the man & woman.

Gunas are the areas of life:
1. The level of the Guna itself
2. Work compatibility
3. Destiny
4. Mentality (here is also measured the physical attraction… rawr! )
5. Dominance (when one of the partners try to dominate the other and the other is ok with it or like in my case, we strike and run away )
6. Compatibility itself
7. Love
8. Health (yes, some alchemy can make a partner just sick by the constant presence of the other, the chemical substances that one delivers to the air or by touching can be so toxic to the other, that the other gets health issues, that is why we don’t feel good when we are arround some sort of people or we feel gorgeous with other that supports chemically our system)

I have done this experiment for 3 years now with all kind of people, for others and for myself, in friendships or potential partners and this method worked 100% every time … and it saved me from some disasters Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge

If you want to learn more about Vedic Astrology, I recomend this teacher to introduce to the basics, he is very fun in teaching: Learning The Basics Of Vedic Astrology

Hope this is helpful and interesting for you.

Have a great day!

Hugs & Kisses


Update: Panambi Collection–Shop


Dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose,

Here are the last news of my business: When I choosed the name of  “Panambi Collection” I did my research in the internet, if this name was already in use and when I opened my Facebook Page, it wasn´t. When I decided to open my Website two months later, saw that someone else bought the name and Copyrighted it eventhough their name has nothing to do with “Panambi Collection”. I was told that by keeping my Facebook page up, I can proof that I am the one that choosed the name  first. But now I know legaly that this is not ture, they bought and registrated the name, so I have to change mine so I can sell legaly my products.

Well, I see it as something possitive, the last 2 years couldn´t sell anything,  till this was claryfied, but I learned soo much about bussines that now I know how to start new and with full success.

One thing I already can say: I will be designing FASHION & HOME. This is the only fact I will reveal for now, everything else will be keept secret, till everything is legalized and I am the legal owner of everything etc… Also have already a beautiful new name, that according to the Vedic principals, it will be perfect and bring a lot of luck and happieness. Regenbogen

Since I need to be 100% healthy and fit, this project will be started when I am 100% with my own health. If you were following my blog and pages, you know I have had some health issues, that are dissapearing with my new Lifestyle as a plant based Raw Vegan, so I am looking foward to make my dreams come true

So I will certenly make an Update, when my bussines will be started and opened. And this will be fabulous, I can´t wait Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Herz.

Wishing a wonderful day everybody!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


I Wish…


Picture: “Wishing Tree” by Jeremiah Ketner

I wish this life we are living on this planet is really just a Matrix…
I wish the feelings of animals and nature are not real…
I wish this is just a simulation to prove the individual character of people…
I would like to wish the feelings of others are a simulation too, but mine are very real, so theirs are too.

I am thankful for every experience I do that grows my awareness and become a chance to change and choose for better.

I hope the shift that ancient knowledge is talking about is very real and that we shift to a loving balanced world.

I am seeing how people are taking consciously their own decisions in two extreme ways… One is for the death and the other is for life.

I am observing and letting it happen…
While I decided to choose my way for life…  Herz

What we resist it will persist, so focus on the beautiful side of life.


Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I wanted to share a very beautiful post a lovely Facebook Friend posted. I just thought this just nails the meaning of  “What we resist it persists, so focus on the beautiful side of life.”

” Fighting against anything adds energy to whatever we are fighting. That includes war, bullying, disease, cancer, etc, which are merely physical symptoms of the human condition, the wounded human spirit since ancestral times. Focusing on symptoms, diagnoses, labels, solidifies the condition, and separates us from the root. In searching for a cure, we remove our responsibility in creating the condition. It is time to expand our awareness, and engage ourselves in our own part in creating the human condition. Each thought, word, preoccupation, action, participation in anything that separates, judges, casts anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, shame, guilt, sadness, brings up feelings of being victimized or hurt,..these daily energy patterns do add to the collective human condition & spirit, our human condition/spirit. Listen to our own hurts, face them, and make peace with them. And yes, it does start within our own families. There is no sense being of service to others when there is no peace within. When there is peace within, there is no need to fight, only to shine and be the peace wherever you are, in whatever physical condition you are in. This is where we start becoming whole again, in ourselves, and as a human family.”

(from Star Wind Whispers)

I hope you like it and it gives this sentence more deepness and understanding Herz

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


A Beautiful October Run


Hello beautiful readers, friends and family Rote Rose

We have a beautiful sunny October day and wanted to share a little video of my running routine with you.


I love my running rutine, because live in the most beautiful place I ever dreamed off. This beautiful place motivates me everyday to visit it, if it is for a run, a jog, a walk or just to sit down in the beach and enjoy nature. I fell really blessed to have the opportunity to live here.

This place has a forest near the beach, where you can find many birds, some racal squerils and bunnies playing and looking for food. It is just so beautiful to observe nature and find peace in it. Herz

I hope you liked it and wish you a wonderful day!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund