My Tropical Shake

Tropical Shake

Bom dia lindas pesoas, amigos y famila Herz

(Good afternoon beautiful people, friends and family)


Here we have my Tropical Shake.

I like to make something fresh and easy after some hours on the beach enjoying the sun. This is easy, has 400 – 500 calories (700 – 800ml, so two glases) and it is very sweet. It was so delicious, that after I took the pictures, drank all two glases immediately. And now Im happy satisfied. Sonne


You will need:

-two ripe bananas

-one ripe mango (when I bought my mangos they were very hard, so left it 4 days now to ripe and they are very smooth and sweet now)

-200-300ml coconut milk

-cinnamon as you like

Now cut everything in middle small pieces and blend them till it looks like a delicious shake. I have/use a handmixer from Siemens, but any mixer that has a good quality will do it. But if you have a good blender, it will get very very smooth.

Mangos and bananas are easy to find here in Germany, just go to Aldi Zwinkerndes Smiley …the coconut milk you can find in any Asia Supermarket, in REWE, here in the north also in Sky or you can find it in Netto. I didn´t try the mini coconuts I saw some of them were selling and Im not sure if I will. Have done the experience that some tropical food like papayas and sweet potatoes doesn´t taste good here in Germany.

I hope you like it as I did, yami!

Have everybody a wonderful Sonneday!!!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


Samba, Boi Bumbá and Polynesian Dancing


Hello Beautiful readers, friends & family Rote Rose

I am native from a little island in the North of Brazil called “Ilha Do Amor” (Island of Love). Grew up in México City and studied in Germany. In the society I was living, learned that Brazil is Samba and yes it is with it´s African and Portuguese influences. The time came, where I really wanted to know who I am and the true history about us. So started doing my researches, about Brasil, about Native America and my own ruths.

Under many other facts I discovered, one of them was that our Samba in its pure escence (without the African and Portuguese influence) came first from the native of the north of Brazil and this is influenced by the Polynesian Dance, from the people who came from Polynesia to live with us, before the Eurpeans came. They entered the Amazon river till the beginning of the river in the Atlantic Ocean and populated the north of Brazil, living and sharing with the Natives of Brazil.

Here is a map of my beautiful Island of Love Herz


The most modern type of samba/dancing very similar to the Polynesian Dancing is Boi Bumbá that is very popular in the Amazonas zone and the traditional dancing of the Island of Love. I´m posting a video, so you can see how it looks like… and as you can see, all the more sensual smooth movements that you can find in the Polynesian style were removed, because of the Christian and cultural influence of the Portuguese. The type of music and this hopping is very típical of traditional portuguese dancing. But the clothing and some elements stayed the same. This song/video has even some samba elements in it.


In this next video I show you a Polynesian video from Tahiti …to see the amazing similarities Herz


And here a video of the popular Samba with its African influences: (Samba da Bahia)


I wanted to post a video from the carnaval in Rio, but… didn´t found any that suites my character. It is too erotic … the escence of the spirituality and sensuality of the dance is completely lost.

And here we go to the point where I decided to go back to the ruths. The Polynesian dance is for me, the closest to our original dance, without any African or Portuguese influenses. It is a dancing where I can live my true femenin sensuality and spirituality. Conecting to Mother Earth and to myself. I feel complete when I dance it, it is like my personal religion.

It is funny to me to know all this, because remember loving Hula since I am very little and asking my father for Hula lessons. I wanted to learn it so bad…. now I am doing it, learning and living it. Herz

Think it is also a personal way to decolonize myself of things I don´t really like and feel comfortable with, because my own nature screams for something else, my instinct and intuition tell me always what is good for me.


“Hula dancing is the traditional art of movement, smooth bodily gestures and vocals.  You may notice that Hula Dancing seems to have an incredibly smooth “flow” and the movements are extremely fluid.  These movements are said to actually tell a story or represent movements of nature such as trees blowing in the wind or fish swimming smoothly in the ocean.”  (from the HulaDanceHQ)

“The origins of hula are open to interpretation. Some believe it came from the ancient civilization of Mu, some claim it was homegrown, while others trace it to Tahiti or some other foreign land. For both ancient and modern Hawaiians, the hula is the essence of life itself. It links them with the universe and makes them one with all creation.

The use of the word hula to describe dance is specific to the Hawaiians, and not other Polynesian cultures. The Samoans dance the sasa, fa’ataupati, or lapalapa, with their main word for dance being siva. The Maoris chant and dance the haka or waiatuhaka. The Tongans’ main body of dance is called faiva, with the principal dance being the lakalaka. The Tahitians have the aparima or otea. Easter Islanders have half a dozen different words for dance, some of which are borrowed from Samoa and Tahiti. Interestingly, Hawaiians have an older word for dance, ha’a, which is very similar to the Maori haka and the Samoan fa’a. At least one source, the Hawaiian Dictionary by Pukui and Elbert, says that the word hula was not in general use until after the mid-1800s.

The hula has 3 purposes: to entertain, to inspire and to instruct. It is a cultural vehicle for social and historical commentary and passing of information. The dances and chants contain a magic that transcends their external power and beauty, filling both dancer and audience with Aloha.” (from Aloha International)


I hope you like it and maybe you want to join me in this beautiful adventure, learning about Polynesian Dancing.

Saying Bom dia (Have a good day) and ALOHA, with my favorite video Herz

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


New Section: The Lifestyle of a Vegan/Raw Vegan


The Lifestyle of a Vegan/Raw Vegan

Hello beautiful people, friends and family! Herz

Here I am back including another project to my blog. My Lifestyle as a Vegan/Raw Vegan and health, living in a cold country like Germany, as a Brasilian.

It is now exactly one year where I changed my diet to a 100% Vegan and started to eat also raw meals. I just can say I feel wonderful, better than ever! And it is possible, even living in a cold Country like Germany.

The result of my health check confirmed, that it is possible and I survived winter as an athlete! Zwinkerndes Smiley

This idea is inspired from a very good friend of mine, who is nurse in a hospital. This new movement started last year here in Germany and she is very worried that people will be undernourished, because we don´t have the same weather and foods like in tropical Countries. In some way she is saying a point, that really will be a problem, because the German culture doesn´t allow to eat in big amounts and they think it is done with a plate of salad… and this will really take the most young girls to undernourishment, under others…

The possitive side of a Country like Germany is, that in the 20ies Century, we have a wonderful import/export system and the modern ways to cultivate food now a days also allows such an eating culture like Vegan/Raw Vegan.

So I think, if there is a will, there is a way.

My personal recomendation to control your calories, vitamin and mineral intakes is to download Cronometer to your phone or tablet… or you can use it simple on your computer. It is also recomended from my two Gurus: Kristina Carillo-Bucaram and Megan Elizabeth.

Here is the Link: Cronometer

I will be blogging about my health advancements, how I get along with this nurtition and sports like Running, Yoga and Hula, how I “survive” in winter and I will be trying all my recipes of Pinterest and tell you how I made it and how it was, where to buy things here in Germany or online/internet.

So think we will have lots of fun with this and the other projects of my blog.

Have a wonderful Sunday everybody!!!

Hugs & Kisses Herz


Update 1: Panambi Collection–Shop

Hello dear readers and Panambi Collection – Shop fans:

The selling of my products will be started later, need to do some burocracy in the Country I live and this takes time. Without this burocracy I´m not allowed to sell, eventhough it is “only” Artwork and in small amounts.

When all my permisions and all the burocracy is donne, I will make a second update and start uploading and posting all the products I have been making, for sell Smiley

Thank you very much for your understanding and your patience. Rote Rose

Much much love .Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ.

Panambi´s Laptop Sock

Panambis Laptop Sock a1

Panambis Laptop Sock a2

Panambis Laptop Sock a4

You can buy this item in my shop: Panambi Collection – Shop

It is a cozy knitted sock for your Laptop, so your Laptop will be protected form scraches and dust. Please only wash if necessary very carefully per hand, wool shampoo and cold water. To dry please place it (not hanging) somewhere where it can dry fast, but not at the sun, so it looses all the colors and gets fade.

Size: For a 15,5 Zoll Laptop

Materials: Polyacryl, seed beads

Hours of work: 20 hours

Price: 50,00 € + shipping

Products, Payment and Shipping: Here

Panambi Collection–Shop


Panambi Collection - Shop Banner


Here you can find everything about the products, payment and shipping.

Shop: Panambi Collection – Shop



All my products are handmade or by myself or by someone who I considered worthy to support his/her work like for example, I will use some products from Weltladen – Shop where I can find products made in countries that produce FAIRTRADE, to complete my ideas.

My principal idea with this shop is first to live my potential and creativity, second to awearness people what does it mean a hand made product. It is always a piece of art, made with the own hands, love, energy and time.

For me and I believe many of others that think like me, it is disrespectful to go to a person who does handcrafting in a country like Perú, Ecuador, Brasil, Thailand or even Europa and tries to sell it and people come to them and try to dribble the price. Did people ever consider that we want to live from it?… That many people feed their families with the money they earn with their handcrafts? That many of mothers or fathers say “yes” to a dribbler, because he/she thinks “better I take the 2$, so I can buy some food for my family, eventhoug I calculated my product for 4$ so we can live a better life? Dribblerling is not being fair and social and I don´t do it, and I don´t accept it too. If I can´t afford something, I don´t buy it and pray the next one comes soon and buys it…with the hope I will get it next time. This is the real flow of economie that helps everybody to grow.

I live in Europa and in the country I live the minimum wage is 8,00€ … I work for a knitted pullover ca. 60 hours…so without including the materials costs it would cost 480,00€… but in the wool stores I have seen here they sell a pullover/Poncho between 200,00-300,00€, so I went in and asked why they sell them so cheep? And they answered me, that they live from selling wool and not from knitting, so that is why they can sell their knitted stuff so cheep…

Decided that I will use the shop prices and it will vary when I use really good materials quality… so I will set the minimum price and if you are a blessed person I let you freely decide if you want to bless me with the minimum wage, so I can really use good materials, progress, live good and be very creative in my work. This is up to you Rote Rose




If you already know me, you know I am a vegan with all my heart and love animals. So I use only wool made from animals from sources I know the animals are not used for meat, live in a good ecological condition and are pampered. I know from my dog how much they love to be brushed or that all this animals are happy when they loose all their wool when it is too hot, so I think this is ethically ok.

If you have a ecological wool farm with pampered animals, just write me in the comments section or on my Facebook Page: Panambi Collection – Facebook so I can buy wool from you for my ideas, think we share the same love and we can work together Herz



Only Bank Transfer Payment.
The product will be send with insured shipping after payment and shipping is not included in the price.

My products are unique and many hours of worth work. Once bought I don´t take them back, because I don´t sell used products to another person and certenly I won´t throw my work into the trash, because it came back and it was used. Sizes are explained and you can see it on the picture how it looks like, also on a person if it is a clothing peace. Thank you for your understanding.



After the payment entered to the Bank Account, I will send the product with insured shipping… remember always to transfer the amount of the product you bought + the shipping.

Here is a list of the prices for the shipping to the countries that are possible to send packages with insured shipping:

DHL Pakage:

DHL Paket Germany Eu Zone 1 World Zone 2 World Zone 3 World Zone 4
till 5 kg 6,90 € 17,00 € 30,00 € 36,00 € 42,00 €
Over 5kg-10kg 6,90 € 22,00 € 35,00 € 47,00 € 59,00 €
Over 10kg – 20kg 11,90 € 32,00 € 45,00 € 68,00 € 91,00 €
Over 20kg – 31,5kg 13,90 € 42,00 € 55,00 € 89,00 € 123,00 €

The day I sended your package, I will write you a confirmation email where I will give you a number of your package and you can follow than your shippment under

When the package arrived, please control if everything is ok, while the deliveryman is by you, so you can make your rights for compensation inmidiatly….and please make it, because you payed for an intact delivery and you have a right for it.

World Zones for DHL Packet:

Zone 1: European Union (EU)

Zone 2: Rest of Europa

Zone 3: Nordamerica, Nordafrica, Middle East and some parts of Asia

Zone 4: Southamerica, Asia, Middle and South Africa, Australia, Ozeania

Panambi´s Adventure Diary: Never Give Up!


Hello friends and readers,

it is time to write the newest of my own successes and share it with you, so you know that sometimes things happen to pull us into the right direction.

Well, you know fom my past blog enteries that I was planing to go back to the Americas, that my nutrition plan was funktioning excellent, my hair was growing again and I had so much energy to run even 10km in 7min/km.

Now I want to relate about my last experiences that was confusing at the first to me, but now it makes sense…

It was planed that I wanted to return to México City first, I had everything ready…I even gave up my appartment… and pum! It was a failure…I don´t want to explain the details, because they aren´t important (things happen, because they have to happen to pull you to the next level, it doesn´t matter how they happen)

One thing I have to share with you: One of the reasons it failed, it was that eventhough I lived over 14 years in México City they didn´t wanted to give me the Méxican Naturalization, it was very hurting to me, because I always keeped contact with the country, spoke for it, defended it, share its treasures and the most important: loved it with all my heart… so kind of feeled betrayed… and the excuse was: well we won´t give it to you, because you left the Land as an adolecent when your father died… a very humanitarian excuse…but I know this is not the decision of the people, because I know how welcomed I am…

But, now I don´t care anymore, because searching at the same time the ruths I have from my mothers side, got the news that my mom registrated me as an Brazilian when I was a toddler and while she was making vacations in Brazil with me …so I was Brazilian all the time and with this American/Citizen of Turtle Island all the time without knowing it… and the best of all is I got so many information about my tribe the Tupinambás, that I am from a Brazilian Island called “The Island of Love”  and so learned since then much history, it is so amazing, that the hurting way México treated me got an absolute blessing …

Herz I feel so complete now Herz

I even found the traditional general lenguage of my tribe, the NHEENGATU, I will start to learn soon Rote Rose


This experiences brought more concequenses:

In my panic of what will I do now? And I can tell you, fear is not a good companion of life… took some decisions that wasn´t healthy for me. I tried to find a job in my old profession I knew it wasn´t my destination, went back to the city to live with old old friends and also realized that my trip into the outside world changed me so much, made me so much grow, that I can only relate to very few of them now. On the other side, it shows me how much I grew in my personality and how many new friends I won.

I got a job in a very renomated company, with a very low payment and 8 boring hours of work, 4 hours of train, metro etc. and the worst I shouldn´t do anymore (administration as an employee), because my destination was another…. So what happend? I got sick again and that after 4 days!!!!!! My Burnout came back sooo fast!!! People, what we should´t do, we shouldn´t do!!!

Well of curse I stopped and went to the doctor and I´m happy I´m insured for loss of work and for my health. Thank you God! Because he told me that Im living in stress and this is the most destructive to my health, so my Burn Out came back and there are two tumors that have to be checked up in my leg and they don´t look healthy… also growing too fast. (Well I know from my family, that I have the tendencies to them)

I don´t want to put so much attencion to it, because where you put your attetion to, it becomes… so ignore and keep on doing my healthy way of life and I belive very very strong that they will disapear from alone. So concentrate on my healthy lifestyle, my body will do the work to get healthy.

In this time I loosed I think more than the half of my hair… I was very scared, but emotions don´t keep me from searching the ruths and truth of things…. so figure out that, my body is detoxicating and throwing out all the unhealthy hair that grew the past years when I was eating so unhealthy (still vegetarian, but not the healthy way) and saw there is growing new strong healthy hair. Herz

For almost 7 months I finished the change to the Vegan nutrition that I started more than one year ago and like 5 months ago started to eat RawFood meals, alkaline and –whites… so my body is detoxicating and the best of all I´m feeling all the possitive changes…. no horrible Migrains, no strong PMS, getting a Marathon runner etc.

If you want to know how I´m staying healthy and my nutrition here are two blog enteries:

1. Latest Cancer Information:

2. Vegetarianism and Veganism:

So everything what is happening is happening for good Herz

Even my Burnout pulled me into the right direction, now took the decision to open my DaWanda- Shop, where I will sell my knitted stuff. And you know from my old posts how much I love doing this, this is relaxing work for me, like yoga… so good for my soul! And I can live my creativity with all the full potential I have, what a wonderful life do I have… my God, thank you so much.

I remember when my project of opening a Dawanda Shop was rejected, when I asked for financial help at the beginning of this year and now I´m still opening it… no, I won´t give up my dreams Zwinkerndes SmileyPeaceRegenbogen

If you want to visit my shop, here is the link to it: Panambi Collection – Shop

This week I will finish all the missing issues for the layout and Impressum etc. and this week, I will start to upload the items I sell…and I have a very very cute surprise for Christmass and New Year… think you will love it …I do Zwinkerndes Smiley

When everything is ready, I will post it on Facebook and make some blog enteries.

And here is the link to my Facebook Page:

It is amazing how God gives you some things in life to pull you to the right direction and America/Turtle Island is still smiling to me with all the heart, the time will come where I will send you some hugs & kisses from my tropical home Zwinkerndes Smiley

Love you all and I hope my experiences helps you to see everything as a hole picture to the way of your true destination and your true inner self. Remember, everything that happens it happens for good, we just have to see the good in life HerzRote Rose

Have a great Sunday everybody! Hugs & Kisses Kussmund