TV Project “Native America” with Rick Mora


Dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I wanted to present you a beautiful project, that is deep in my heart and I hope with the collaboration of each one of us, this wonderful project with Rick Mora can be send out .


“Native America is a docu-series visiting various Native American reservations showing how today’s Natives live, work and play.

Native America is meant to inspire, educate and open the average American’s eyes to the mystery of life on a reservation and the diverse people who struggle to survive and thrive there. Spotlighting each tribes diversity and drawing parallels to other cultures throughout America.
Each tribe is amazingly different not only in ceremonies and rituals but also with their relationship, history and treaties with the US government. Some tribes like the Seminoles are thriving while others like The Pine Ridge Reservation is one
of the poorest in the United States with a 70% poverty rate and 60% of their children are in the foster care system waiting for adoption. Why is this? Native America will shed light on this topic along with many other mysteries of Native Americans all through their perspective and words.”


Here are two wonderful videos:

Native American Teaser 1 – Calling The People

Native America TV Docu-series


Calling The People, from Native America:

“Thank you guys again for all of your support! We have had quite a few messages asking “What can I do to help make this show a success?”

The producer of Native America has approached 5 different networks to get funding for our show. Every single network has said,” We love the idea but until we see HOW you are going to format the episodes we will not pick up the show.” It’s AMAZINGLY hard to get anything with the sole focus of Native Americans green-lit in Hollywood today.

It is amazingly apparent that there is a great need and want for this show so we have decided to set up a small fundraiser to raise half of the money we need to continue to create this show. You might ask, “What about the other half of the money?” Well, we have a wonderful contact that will match any funds we raise! If we raise our goal, we will be able to do TWO episodes not just one. If we exceed our goal the more episodes and tribes we can visit! Our overall goal is to do 15 episodes for the 1st season.

We have a great team behind this project, and we all are treating this with the utmost care. Our dear friend and host Rick Mora, has fully endorsed this project as this is exactly what we all know needs to be shown. The time is now and let the voices be heard.

Please, if you can, donate and then share this site so that we can get this incredibly important series made.”

Dontarions: Native America


Every help and support will bring this  docu-series into reality, if you can donate or know someone who is really interested and has the resources to support, please share this project to everybody so we all can contribute to this wonderful TV Project. I believe very strong that this is a wonderful humanitarian project, that will help so many people in many ways.




Photo from Cherrilyn Silva


“Returning to civilization for an education by socialized America, I acquired a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge. After college I was encouraged by a friend to meet his modeling agent. My life would never be the same. It was legendary male super model agent Omar Alberto’s idea to try the Native Man in the modeling business. Having successfully shot with great photographers like Carlos Reynosa, Cliff Watts and Matthew Rolston allowed me the access to American & European commercial and modeling market. I was then booking great commercial & print accounts like Toyota, Wilson Leather and Anson’s Germany.  Small spots in Television, Film and Voice soon followed. Auditioning and not landing roles with Disney / Jungle Book and Mel Gibson / Apacolypto were a just a few inspirations that kept me going till landing a small scene in the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT as Native #1 Jacob Black’s great great grandfather, EPHRAIM BLACK, leader of the original Werewolf Tribe. Life has not been the same since.

Fast forward to today. Current commercial accounts have included Union Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Koff Beer, Bell Meat. I have completed production on Yellow Rock with Michael Biehn, James Russo and the Spears Brothers. Yellow Rock has received 18 film awards and has acquired worldwide distribution for 2013. The Dead and the Damned has been very well received with world wide distribution, placement in Red Box as well as the national chains. “Little Boy” finally has a release date of June 2014 starring Kevin James, Emily Watson, Michael Rapporport , Ben Chaplin along with 10 more A list actors. I play Kid Falcon opposite Ben Chaplin. Currently Producing/Hosting a Docu-Series called Native America and have released the 1st book in a series of literature geared toward helping people find their Soul’s Purpose.

I am the voice of Young Turok (alongside Irene Bedard and Adam Beach) in the animated feature Turok: Son of Stone,I have the Rick Mora posters and prints available from the Rick Mora store and have been featured in the 2009 & 2011 Native American Men’s calendar. With numerous Magazine Cover’s, interviews and the growing popularity of the Native culture has led me to LA Talk Radio’s Combat Radio as a regular guest host. The music video with Agnes Carlsson has hit over 5.2 million views and is still growing and my web presence and social network is exploding with a world wide fan base. I am very proud to be an ambassador of the Red Crystal Gala, an E. Joyce Thomson charity to support abused women and victims of sexual assault on the reservation. I am also on Board Bonnie Jill Laughlin’s HOUNDS and HERO’S an amazing celebrity K-9 support / Awareness team for Military Veterans. Finally I was asked to be the host/presenter for the ARTIVIST Film Festival 2012, Red Nation Film Festival 2012/2013 and the Eco Conventions Green Living Stage 2012.”

Source: Rick Mora Biography

Facebook: Rick Mora, Actor & Model


Thank you very very much for your attention and your support.

Sending much love out to each one of you Herz

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


My Morning Citrus Juice



Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

This is my delicious Morning Citrus Juice.

This is approximately 1 liter, I drink in the morning before running or doing some sort of excercise. Love to do sports early in the morning, it makes me fit for the day.

This juice hydrates me, gives me enough calories to start the day, it refreshes without being heavy in the stomach. After my run & workout, I take a heavier Breakfast.


- 2-3 oranges

- 2 lemons

- 2-3 grapefruits or  pink grapefruits

- 300ml pinaple juice

- when needed 2-3 big spoon agave sirup

Mix it all together and enjoy!!! I promise this is better than coffee or tea Zwinkerndes Smiley. Very refreshing and helps to wake up and start the day.

Link: Funny Music Video To Wake Up In The Morning.

Wish you a beautiful Wednesday!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


Couples Of The New Vibration


Hello beautiful readers, friends and family Herz

Today we are going to talk about love. Zwinkerndes Smiley A new individual and independent way or togetherness is making space in our society. I wanted to share the article that wrote a South American in Spanish and translate it into Engish. It explains very simple this new love and vibration. I personally think it is beautiful , so had to share it with you.


New ideas, new perspectives mark the birth of a new meaning in relationships.

There are currently many different vibrational ruptures between the two parties, personal problems, etc.. It also happens that some people now awake to the present reality and stop with situations that take a while of dragging.

The new partners connected to the new vibration, are aware of the daily renewal of his conquest-infatuation to the couple, very special couples with an awareness of light and love, and so with each day a new experience full of hope, happiness, love and consciousness.

Couples  connected by the soul,  the predominant attraction is not physical or passionate, but spiritual, and therefore the attraction and happiness is very durable.

A more holistic couple, who share physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually well, are being the most prominent and important qualities.

This new approach of love is a way to grow, evolve, expand consciousness and attain divinity through this experience.

One must know how to be with ourselves without feeling lonely, but on the contrary, feeling happy by dedicating time, connecting with our inner, our peace, self-discovering. It is choosing to be with us every day.



Meanwhile, until we reach the person that suits us, we must work on our personality to raise our vibration and thus the universe will put that person in front of us, whether that person may have already gone through our life but not have seen it as clearly till now, and it’s because this is the time and because we have given enough time.

However if during this waiting time you entertain with “little distractions”, you’re going back and forth. For being your information system energetically filled by “someone” and “somewhat” sporadic,  the arrival of that great love is delayed and if you do this  many times, it can happen that this great love  never comes.

The same applies if the person is already in your life, but you end up not feeling it or it is not clear  as this often occurs because the “computer system” is saturated, or the person is with a low vibrational information, or outdated and does not meet the current vibration with yours.

Even these small “distractions” the world interprets it as you have lowered the bar of that great love settling for less, which will bring more and people less vibration to you and also will lower your vibration, it is like a lock you do to yourself to get carried away by passions or false happiness.

In past times a couple bonded because of necessity, and today couples are together to complement and share skills. In past times they were incomplete beings and they were motivated to be toghether from the lack they had as individuals, and  now every individual is complete and so they can share.



First you need to be happy with yourself and then share yourself with someone else. The new partners are united, but without losing freedom. Two completely delivered living beings love and unite their souls in harmony, fulfillment, passion, simplicity, gentleness, and admiration, regardless of others, without locks or barriers, etc..

A free love, without having to save the forms or established rules, free love spontaneously acting like children.

When two souls meet, this can be considered a sacred moment, and it’s time to live in timelessness, in which every day is naturally and spontaneously the reconquest of the couple and of a relationship and enjoy a full life.

Original from: Roberto Travilla, translation from Spanish to English from meRote Rose

I hope you liked this blog entry and got some inspiration in what you want in your love life or who you want as a partner.


Wish everybody a wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs & KissesKussmund


Camila Coelho: A Great Make Up Artist From Brazil


Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

This is Camila Coelho from Brasil. She is my favorite make up artist I follow since 2011. All  I know about make up, I learned it from her. The picture at the beginning meets my general style of clothing, make up and hair.

Her main You Tube channel and blog are in portuguese, but she also has a channel in English Make Up By Camila 2 and you can read some entries in English on her blog too.

Of curse I love her channel in portuguese: Make Up By Camila and I would recommend it to all brazilian woman living arround the world Herz. It help us to learn all about make up, to keep on practicing our lenguage, she is really sympathetic and explains everything very detailed. She is very talented.

Here are some of the videos I started learning from her:

Maquiagem para Escola ou Trabalho

Maquiagem especial para Aeromocas

Look para Show de Rock

I think for the first this are enough, for more ideas you can visit her channel Smiley

What exites me the most about everything is her great development the last years and I am loving her new projects that are matching my wishes:

1. Teaser: Movimento Maquiagem com Camila Coelho by Natura (in portuguese)

2. Camila Coelho’s Next Big Project | An Inside Look

Both projects seems that have to do with natural products, something I was waiting all the time!

So with this inspiration of her, I will start posting more of my favorite natural and vegan products we can buy here in Germany and do all this awesum make up´s without any regrets, letting our fantasy and creativity free. This is soo great!

I am changing all my beauty products too, already have some natural vegan body products, but still have to change all my make up. While I will be buying all this products, I will be doing review of them one at the time in this section of  “All About Fashion & Beauty” with other ideas I have in mind. Herz

Well beautiful readers, friends & family, I hope you like it . I wish you all a wonderful day!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


Blog Bild

Make up inspired by Camila: Look para Show de Rock

The 2%: German Bread With Vol-Au-Vent, Avocado And Carrots



Good evening dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

As you remember in my other blog entery, I´m just going 98% Raw, exactly because of this ocations (New Challenge: Panambi Is Going FullyRaw This Summer)

I just don´t want to eat 100% raw today, so how can I do this and choose healthy options.

Found this products in Aldi Nord. They are changing their product options and renewing their store and I am very happy about this, because I didn´t really liked to buy my food there before.


- 100% grape juice (my favorite)

- Kidney Beans/Tofu hummus and Champignon/Shiitake hummus

- Carrots (I always give the bunch to my bunny, she loves it)

- German bread: “Schinkenbrot” means ham bread, but it doesn´t has any animal product in it, germans like to eat this bread with cold cuts and I love it is made of full corn rye

- Ripe avocados, Aldi Nord are selling them already ripe at the moment.

- Organic vegetarian gourment  vol-au-vent: the ones I bought are vegan.


Since I am eating raw, I am not sensitive to gluten anymore, but I only eat once or twice bread or tortillas made of white flour a month.

The best option is when we do the vol-au-vent at home, but my desicion was very spontaneous after a run and a hungry stomach Zwinkerndes Smiley …so looked out for the healthiest option and yes I found this wonderful vol-au-vent, that are 5 days old in the new product range Aldi Nord is offering now:


I choosed “Herzhaft-Würzig” and Champignon Shiitake.

“Herzhaft – Würzig” means hearty spicy and is made with kidney beans and smoked tofu. Both are vegan and organic. Gut Bio is the organic brand from Aldi Nord.

They are also very affordable, 1,19 € for one is a good price and they taste good.

So I hope you like it and if you have any questions, you can write them on the comment section.

Wish everybody a wonderful sunny weekend!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


World Cup Brazil 2014 & Olimpics 2016


Hello dear readers, friends and family,

World Cup 2014 is knocking at the door and everybody would expect from me as a good  proud brazilian to be entusiasthic and happy about it.

But I believe in an african word UBUNTU, it means good for everybody equally and after seeing some facts I will post below, I say NO, I WONT SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE WORLDCUP OR THE OLYMPICS IN BRAZIL TO SHOW MY LOVE AND SUPPORT MY COUNTRY, TO MY PEOPLE.

I am so shocked…the promises for the tax payers came true: Brazil will come to an international level and poverty will end on the streets, but they never told how. Sad.

Many Indigenous reservation outside are welcoming all that were thrown out from their homes. Thank you so much for doing this.

UBUNTU, how could I be happy and entusiastic about it, when the most  of my brothers and sisters are suffering so much? This is a human issue and as humans we have to take responsability to this in the right way.

Now see what is really happening with your own eyes:

No, I´m not going to the World Cup

World Cup 2014 – What You Don’t Know

New Challenge: Panambi is going FullyRaw this summer!




Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Just a bit more… and I am a raw vegan with an gorgeous athletic body. I am starting the FullyRaw nutrition, based on the concept of FullyRaw Kristina. This is great for me since I know it is possible by communities also living in cold places like Denmark and Norway, by the way very very kind and nature connected people…feeling comfortable living here at the Denish/German boarders as a brazilian HerzLoving it!Herz

…Maybe not going FullyRaw100% but shure 98/99% since I like to add a glass of organic Soya Milk to my after workout banana shake (recipe will come soon) and it is very difficult to go out eat somewhere FullyRaw here in Germany and I like to socialize with going sometimes shopping to the city and eat something there. For me it goes hand in hand and it is part of my life I love to do, but I always look that food is made vegan. And once a month I have to eat my Mexican Quesadillas with vegan cheese, cilantro and a selfmade salsa (next month I will post the recipe)

I will keep on uploading my RawVegan Recipes I am trying and some I will even transform to raw recipes. I am also thinking of doing some funny videos connecting it with an other project I have in mind that has to do with my Native American Culture and heritage.

It is very important to join a community for exchange and support. I would recomend 30 Bananas a Day where you can find where in your sorroundings are people with the same interests than you. I just signed up last week Smiley

The best you can do, is to form a community that supports your way of life and you can share with them. This month came a new family member to my vegan household: Manchita (Little Spot), yes she is the little loving spot in my life supporting me with her prescence. We eat the same and we hop both the same way: crazy haha Zwinkerndes Smiley and we love to give kisses Kussmund.

My new family member: Manchita (Little Spot)

10402824_759955134036689_4501347438023338869_nThis little Girl is giving me very very happy moments and many times to laught and feel deep love HerzKussmund


In March/April planed to go to my first 10km run, but couldn´t make it. I was going to some stress with negative/destructive people this time and it made me sick, so had a 6 weeks bronchitis and a two months running pause. Learned that the most important in life is to sorround ourselves with healthy possitive people, where we can build each other up. One of my biggest desicions is to bann all the negative heartless people in my life, even if for some reasons I like them, will keep them on distance, because I´m responsable of my health and my life, if I want to be happy.

This month started to build up my condition again and yesterday could run my 5km in my time again, so happy about this.Daumen hoch

And I have a great great news: My hair is growing like grass, soon having a natural Lion mane like my mom (Have the best genetics ever! Soon I will make a blog entery about this theme), don´t need any medication to balance hormones anymore and I feel more happy… had already a one year 80% raw nutrition 20% cooked food… so I am very curious, what the FullyRaw concept will bring to me this summer, I just can´t wait to see the results!!! Vor Lachen auf dem Boden wälzen *so so happy*

I would never never go back to my vegetarian nutrition NEVER!


Here are the Links that will conduce you to my Gurus that are helping me to do this, they live in warm places like Texas, Hawaii and Thailand, I just will transform all this for the North European or North American Regions, where we all have deep winters to go true and I am shure this won´t be a hinderness, because we have the power to transform everything in beauty and fun! Right?

I hope soon I will be strong enough to finally oficially open my Shop on DaWanda, where I sell my handmade, sewed or knitted products. I have some troubles with the burocratic side, it is confusing to me and I don´t want to do any mistakes, because the penalties here in Germany starts with 1000€. But I won´t give up, I never give up!!! I am too perseverant hihi Zwinkerndes Smiley …and my gorgeous improving health is giving me more strenght that ever! RAAAAAWR!Blitz

If you want to see what I am doing everyday, you can join me on Instagram: Panambi20

My Favorite Gurus: Freelea The Banana Girl, FullyRaw Kristina and Megan Elizabeth

So I hope you like this and you can get some helpful information. I would love it if you can join me and we can do this together.

Wish everybody a wonderful week!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund