I Wish…


Picture: “Wishing Tree” by Jeremiah Ketner

I wish this life we are living on this planet is really just a Matrix…
I wish the feelings of animals and nature are not real…
I wish this is just a simulation to prove the individual character of people…
I would like to wish the feelings of others are a simulation too, but mine are very real, so theirs are too.

I am thankful for every experience I do that grows my awareness and become a chance to change and choose for better.

I hope the shift that ancient knowledge is talking about is very real and that we shift to a loving balanced world.

I am seeing how people are taking consciously their own decisions in two extreme ways… One is for the death and the other is for life.

I am observing and letting it happen…
While I decided to choose my way for life…  Herz

What we resist it will persist, so focus on the beautiful side of life.


Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I wanted to share a very beautiful post a lovely Facebook Friend posted. I just thought this just nails the meaning of  “What we resist it persists, so focus on the beautiful side of life.”

” Fighting against anything adds energy to whatever we are fighting. That includes war, bullying, disease, cancer, etc, which are merely physical symptoms of the human condition, the wounded human spirit since ancestral times. Focusing on symptoms, diagnoses, labels, solidifies the condition, and separates us from the root. In searching for a cure, we remove our responsibility in creating the condition. It is time to expand our awareness, and engage ourselves in our own part in creating the human condition. Each thought, word, preoccupation, action, participation in anything that separates, judges, casts anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, shame, guilt, sadness, brings up feelings of being victimized or hurt,..these daily energy patterns do add to the collective human condition & spirit, our human condition/spirit. Listen to our own hurts, face them, and make peace with them. And yes, it does start within our own families. There is no sense being of service to others when there is no peace within. When there is peace within, there is no need to fight, only to shine and be the peace wherever you are, in whatever physical condition you are in. This is where we start becoming whole again, in ourselves, and as a human family.”

(from Star Wind Whispers)

I hope you like it and it gives this sentence more deepness and understanding Herz

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


A Beautiful October Run


Hello beautiful readers, friends and family Rote Rose

We have a beautiful sunny October day and wanted to share a little video of my running routine with you.


I love my running rutine, because live in the most beautiful place I ever dreamed off. This beautiful place motivates me everyday to visit it, if it is for a run, a jog, a walk or just to sit down in the beach and enjoy nature. I fell really blessed to have the opportunity to live here.

This place has a forest near the beach, where you can find many birds, some racal squerils and bunnies playing and looking for food. It is just so beautiful to observe nature and find peace in it. Herz

I hope you liked it and wish you a wonderful day!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


The All About That Bass – Movement



Hello beautiful readers, friends & family Rote Rose

Let us all be a part of this lovely movement, where we are invited to performance to this song as an authentically “me” … For the awareness of every woman…and man on this planet Earth, remembering that we are perfect individuals, we are perfect human beings the way we choosed to be, in all form shapes and colors. Diversity makes us attractive and original. Never be ashamed of who you are, embrace the beauty of your inside out!

What do you think? Can you top my dancing? Share you move with the hash tag ‪#‎allabotthatbassmovement‬  on my Facebook page Panambi Collection  so we all can share our individuality, our confidence as the person we came to be in this Earth.

Let us be together love and share love!

This is all about being positive and loving ourselves the way we are… so all Trolls, haters, negative people will be dismissed, delated, banned etc. I have heard the Moon is a good listener….

We are here to build each other up and have lots of fuuuun! Herz

Have everybody a wonderful weekend!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


How Old Are You?


Hello beautiful readers, freinds and family Rote Rose

This is a question I get constantly and when I say how old I am, people don´t believe it and I have to show my ID Card, also when I go to clubs or want to buy something that it is just allowed over 18 (not even 21!)

It is a tremendous compliment for me, people thinking I am still a Teen Ager… and yes I  am at heart and what you have in the inside it radiates in the outside. This picture is the most natural picture of me, no make up and sports gear. Just did a bit my lashes and lipbalm.

We are limitless beings and everything we believe in, we become.

So what do I think it is to have an age or to age?

For me it doesn´t exist the connection from the ages I am on this planet and the age that is related to deterioration of soul and body. I think this has nothing to do with one another. There are people outside in the world that are 20 years on this planet and already look like an deteriorated person of 50 and there are people outside in the world that are 75 years old and look like someone who is 30…. Also in their thinking. How many times I have to hear from young people : “OMG I feel like a sick Grandma of 100” and such kind of things. What you think you become and words are very powerful.

I believe that we are a certain time on Earth: we came one day in a certain hour and we will go one day in a certain hour. Every year I celebrate my one Year Birthday. Why just one Year? Because biologicaly my bodycells regenerate completely to a new me and that is scientificly proved. So I rebirth every year and I celebrate that.


You will look like on what you feed your body physically, mentally and spiritually:

- Give your body the best foods in the world that are alive and do some sports.

-Give your body and soul the best thoughts that make you feel loved and breack/confront thouse unloving thoughts, work on yourself.

-Evolve spiritually and feed it with the best teachings that resonate with what you need and take you foward. Do your own researches, the World and the Universe is full of knowleadge that sweets your personal wishes.


It doesn´t matter how long I am on this Earth, who cares! I came to have fun and be happy. I don´t want to be categorized and required on how I have to behave, or what I have to wear, or what I have to do, who I have to be together with and even who I have to marry acording my age. What a stupidity! This doesn´t sound logic to me. I´m an old soul, maybe 10.000 years or more…(in a body of a 15 years old) where will I find a man on this planet who is over 10.000 years old???? Do you get the point? So even maybe my soulmate came some years after me, because he wanted it like this…and his soul is 20.000 years old… so what now? Should I run and jump over the bridge???? Nooo! I just will be happy with him!!!

So now, how old am I? Today is the 18.09.2014, my birthday is the 23.12.2014.  I am 9 months and 18 days old. Zwinkerndes SmileyHerz This is my answer and it is enough.

“Researchers Finally Show How Mindfulness and Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity can change on a daily basis. If the perception in your mind is reflected in the chemistry of your body, and if your nervous system reads and interprets the environment and then controls the blood’s chemistry, then you can literally change the fate of your cells by altering your thoughts.”

“The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience,” Dr. Lipton said. –From How Mindfulness and Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes

Excellent Talk with Dr. Lipton!:


This is what I believe and live. Every day is a new chance to learn and to transform to a better YOU, ME and US. We are what we decided to be.Herz

Hope you like it and gives you a hole new perspective on how to think about your own “age”.

I wish everybody a wonderful day!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


Healthy Hair On A Raw Vegan Lifestyle + Update


Hello beautiful readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I want to write about hair on a raw vegan lifestyle. This is an issue that is very close to my heart, because I have had a lot of struggles with it and for me, it is something that means so much. Hair is something I admire and love. Hair tells so much about a person and for me it is a simbol of beauty and sensuality in men and women. It is also a sign of the stadium of health of a person: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Native American culture also teach us the deep meaning of hair I want to share two links with you that explains it very good:

The Truth About Hair and why Indians would keep their hair long

Elders talk about the significance of long hair in Native American Cultures

This theme is very important to me and I was and am very sensitive about it, because before this lifestyle I wasn´t getting the results I wanted to see. My hair was sick and it was getting sicker and sicker, thin and dry like straw. My curles were dissapearing and I was getting hairless holes on my scalp, my hair was constantly falling out. It was really devastating for me a person who valued healthy long hair so much and was wishing to have a Pocahontas mane. I am sharing this with you, because I know out there, there are so many people and specially woman suffering the same. Before I decided to share this with you, I wanted to wate till I have the final results I want to have, but I have read so many people having problems with it, that decided to share my first progress to encourage people to do the right decisions and be perseverant.

As you all know I am vegetarian since I am 11 years old, but realized that eventhough I was eating very unhealthy with animal milk products,eggs processed foods and the worst: substituted refined sugars with artificial sweeteners full of aspartame. In Mai 2012 decided to go vegan and closed my transition in March 2013 where I also decided to join the Raw Vegan movement and lifestyle.

In 2011 a very sweet woman was seeing what was happening to my hair and scalp and with her best intentions she recomendet to me an Idian oil named Dabur Amalia Hair Oil:


And yes, for the first weeks and 6 months my hair started to grow like crazy, but in the next 6 months the same hair growing feld out again. I was wondering what was I doing wrong, I tried everything, but keeped using this oil till last year winter 2013, where suddently the half of my scalp falled out and it was already almost till my waist. It was a big shock for me, because I thought with this lifestyle I was doing everything right and now my dream will come true….

The indian grape is really a helper for hair growth, but guess what is the second ingredient in this product: Paraffin, an ingredient made of petroleum that layers like a unwashable plastic film on your scalp and hair folicles. They can´t breath, the folicles inflame and hair falls out. Deffinition of Paraffin

I had to cut my hair like 10-15 cm again and I felt horrible…. In January this year I went to the doctor to check up, if everything was ok with my new Raw Vegan Lifestyle and wanted to know what happend to my hair. He didn´t know I was using this oil, but he told me that my hair was falling out, because it was sick and I don´t have to worry because there is coming a lot of strong thick new hair…. This new hair is like 20 cm now and new strong thick hair is still growing out of my hairfolicles. The old hair still falling out, but now I know it is good. So I am loosing my hole scalp in 1 year and getting new beautiful strong thick curles and I am so proud of them Herz My dream is coming true. Of curse I stopped to use any kind of chemicals in my hair. The only thing my hair sees, gets and feels is the best foods on the planet, sun, natural shampoo and conditioner and organic virgin coconut oil that I also use on my face, skin and it is edible. I add sometimes a teaspoon to my food.

Since I believe in Genetics and I come from a Brazilian and Polynesian backround, Coconut is my best friend and it is working.


As soon as my hair has the lenght of my dreams I will open it and show it to the world, this is a goal I put on myslef and believe very strong I will accomplish. It is possible and the only thing we have to do is take care with the best foods on the world, to love our body and treat it the best way. 

One very important, but really very important thing is: NOT TO GIVE UP! If your hair starts to fall out, because you changed to this lifestyle, that simply means new strong hair is building under the surface. It takes time to recover all the damage we have donne to our bodies, so the hair and scalp needs time too. So if this happens, don´t panic, have faith and very important: have patience and don´t give up! The best things on this world take time Rote Rose

When this happend to me, I was like: I´m doing all wrong! I was in panic first, but a very special person to me Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram came to my life and helped and still helping me with many issues I am going true. As you know I am a strong believer of the Law Of Attracion… when I wanted to start with this Raw Vegan Lifestyle on March 2013, I prayed to the Universe: “Please show me someone that is similar to me, with healthy hair, an athlete that is running and striving on this lifestyle I can learn from.” And vualá Kristina apeared on You Tube for the first time. Even our hair is the same and she is showing me where I can get! I`m impressed how precisely the Universe is!!! Herz 

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram:

Another thing I did based on the Law Of Attraction is, I went to an Afro shop, first it was to get an extencion for a party I wanted to look good. This beautiful African woman looked to me and with her experience she knew what happend to me. Lovely she asked me what I want…and I said, something very very very long that looks natural as if it would be mine with curles. And that was what she did, this extencions look like my own hair, as if they were the lenght I want them to be… and this is the effect I am getting and I am attracting. I always style my own hair togehter with them and look in the mirror and say YES! This is it! Like this will be my own hair too, I know it! And people I am getting there! Herz

If my hair keeps on growing and recovering like it is doing now, in one year think I will be able to open my hair and show the before and after pictures, so I can proof that this lifestyle, faith and patience, works! I want to see people happy and healthy with me together enjoying life to the fullest.

Now my Update to my Fully Raw transition:

Well I have to confess that I went back to eat 80% Raw foods and 20% vegan cooked foods for many reasons. But the most important is, it is working for me like this perfectly. Sometimes it is 80% / 20% other times it is 90% / 10% and some days I even eat 100% raw. I am happy like it is now. Maybe it just need more time and it will change one step after another, I won´t pressure myself and leave it flow naturally, my body will do the right things and I trust my body 100%.

Well beautiful people, I hope this will help a lot of you for the first… and I hope Kristina does a video on hair  someday too so we can learn more Smiley


Rapunzel…Rapunzel, let your hair down…

I wish everybody a wonderful sunny weekend and stay strong!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


We Are What We Consume: What Are We Supporting?



Hello dear readers, friends & family Rote Rose

Today I would like to talk about consumerism. I already talked about why money is a good thing and a helthy attitude about having it… if you didn´t read it, here are the links:

A Healthy Attitude To Finances

Why Do I Love Love Money… (The Science Of Getting Rich)

To read thouse blog enteries is important to get a whole picture of what I am talking about. I want to apologize, if my English is  not perfect. I am still learning and getting better with every excercise I make. Even though I hope very much you get the point.

Now we know, that everybody has the right to have so much money we want and we know why some have much of it and some have nothing.

Also have seen so many information and videos about destroying the system of the current exchange, almost everybody want to destroy it… but I am asking myself… why? Why do we always have to blame something else, instead of analize our own attitude towards it and simply correct it? Is it easier to blame and destroy something else, than take responsability to our own actions and change them? ….Well…. Yes,  it is, that is why almonst everybody is behaving like this. But this solution is short and cheap, for the long run it will bring the same problems over and over. So we destroy the system we have now and build a ‘new’ one with other names and change here and there a bit, but at the end it will be the same, because we only changed names and details but not our own behavior. So maybe in some future we are not paying with green Dollars…. they are pink and their name is Smurfgold? Do you really think this way will change the World?

Or do you think a totalitarian system will make us all happy? This would be exactly the other extrem: Let us all be farmers, build our own house, wash our 2 outfits in the river with the nutsoap that is for every single household in the World…. I know my example is extreem, but many of the solutions are pritty totalitarian and we are complex living beings, this solution wouldn´t make us happy either. I mean, it wouldn´t make any animal happy too, because even they are creative creatures and complex individuals.

We are all living in a material dimention right now, we all came to this life to do material experiences and it is good. All living beings in this dimention consume and produce, take and give…. the point is HOW ARE WE DOING IT? Are we respecting each other? Are we respecting Mother Earth and her circles? Are we respecting other living beings? Are we respecting ourselves?


Let us see who we are…

We are beings with a big capacity of thinking, visualisation and creativity. Every human being comes with different skills or talents to evolve in to this Planet Earth. We are truly individuals. Ones more emotional than others, and also the rationals. We have architects, farmers, cooks, shamans, entretainers, scientists, technicans, spiritual people (yes we need them too, every single person have their function in this Earth, even if they are in the monastery in Tibet and meditate all day for peace. If you know the science about their work you would know, that we desperately need them). We have the business people, the creative and the producers, inventors… and believe it or not, (for me very difficult to understand, because I am like: “Keep everything clean and don´t touch anything!!! Because I just clean once a week here!!!!” Vor Lachen auf dem Boden wälzen ) there are people who love love to clean! Yes!!! And many other skills that every person brings in to this Planet Earth. The point is, we are very different, very individual and we need each other in this material world.

We all came to this Planet Earth to make different experiences in the material world without forgetting our spiritual scense. The taste of food, breathing, sleep, sports, different tipes of work, creativity, knowleadge, building a cultural identity, lenguage, comfort, social interaction and social living, music, art, inventing, searching etc. We are complex beings and it is good Herz

Like so often said: “We are spiritual beings in a material body, doing material experiences for our growth and evolution in the personal realm and in the universal realm”

So as we see, it is nothing bad to be what we are and do what we came to do. The point is: HOW ARE WE DOING IT?

What are we supporting with our money?

Do you know the model supply and demand?  Goods and services are produced as people are demanding.

So what are we demanding? Are we buing food from local organic farmers? Are we supporting enviromental programs? Are we buing clothing from an organic shop? Are we buing handmade and supporting our local artists and producers?

One important question: Is our demand healthy and balanced? Is our comfort zone healthy and balanced? Are we staying true to ourselves or are we allowing some little trolls to influence us?

And now I want to talk carefully about the trolls of this world. There are so many theories on who are the trolls of the world, who is responsable for what is happening? We always need someone else to be responsable for our own actions. Well, yes maybe there are some trolls arround the world doing their part, maybe they are even here, so we can learn to do better and for a higher consciousness or  evolution. For growth. To find some trolls in the World, doesn´t take us the reponsability to do our part and do it better.

One question to think about: Why isn´t the current exchange system (money) as abundant as air, water, food, love etc. ??? (Money grows on trees or are numbers in a cyber bank account, remember?) And don´t explain it to me with what we learn in Business School, I was in Business School too, so I know it. It is just a little push to think ‘out of the box’.

So I hope you like it and this helps you to think about a new personal path and perspective. Rote Rose


Have a wonderful day!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund