Press That Delete Button


Thouse who are ruled by fear, lack of believe and gave up on their dreams should shut up and stay far away from thouse of us that live in faith and are doing everything … everything to see our dreams come true!

If we are confronted with such a person and this person is trying to transfer his/her fear, insecurities etc. consciously or unconsciously to you, stay strong in your believes, try to cut that conversation and go away as soon as possible. Never allow insecurity to take ruths in your mind. Pray for them, because they are poor and nourish
yourself with more believe and faith in your dreams than ever, this will make you stronger.
Remember: when this kind of things start to appear,  it means that the Universe is just proving if you really really really want this dream just some seconds before he is delivering it to you.
Well Universe,  YES I WANT! 😄💪🌠🏆


❤ Faith begins with stuffing your ears full of cotton ❤
– Joel Osteen

Have a wonderful week everybody! 🌺 💋

The Power of I am & I have


Dear readers, friends and family 🌹

Stop saying “I want” and start saying “I have” .
“I am that, I am” – God

When we want to change our lifes to a better, we have to change it from deep inside. We have to change our believes from the subconscious mind.

For a more deeper understanding about what is the subconscious mind and how it works, I recommend to study the next points:

✔ The Secret, movie, audiobook & book by Rhonda Byrne
✔ The Power,  audiobook & book by Rhonda Byrne
✔ The Magic, book by Rhonda Byrne
✔ Hero, movie, Audiobook & book by Rhonda Byrne
✔ You were born rich,  Bob Proctor
✔ Conversations with God, Neal Donald Walsch

And if you search on YouTube “Power of the subconscious mind” you will find thousands of explanations, that will explain you what it is and how it functions.

What I want to share with you is a daily exercise,  by doing 1 e – card a day with a beautiful affirmation. You can collect them and read them everyday,  maybe after you wake up and before you go to sleep. You can do your own little video with them, with your favorite relaxing music and look at it everyday, when you are doing a pause or relaxing and meditate on your chosen affirmations. You will notice the changes soon. You will feel fulfilled and happy. It is told that we need 30 days of practice to see a change, some may need less and other more days, it depends on how much resistance you build during your life and how strong it is.

I will post this affirmation cards on:

🌺 Facebook: Panambi Collection
🌺 Instagram: Panambi20
🌺 Tsū: Code/Panambi20

I hope with this action, you will feel motivated to collect affirmations and change your life for a better.

I wish everybody a wonderful day!
Hugs & Kisses 💋
🌺 🐉

Join Me On TSŪ


Hello dear readers,  friends and family🌹,

today I want to share Information about a new Social Network TSŪ.

Tsu is an online social networking serviceheadquartered in New York, New York.

Tsu was created by Evacuation Complete, LLC, a Texas corporation, which was founded on February 7, 2008. Founders of Evacuation Complete are Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, and Thibault Boullenger.Tsu is open to new users via invite.

Like Facebook, after registering to use the site, users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Tsu differentiates itself from competitors by allowing its users to maintain ownership of the content they post.

Tsu has been compared extensively to Ello, a contemporary social network that rejects selling user data as a product; Tsu’s approach is to instead embrace the user as a product, and to sell data to advertisers and share the profits with the users as compensation.

All people that are interested to join and share with me are invited with the Code: Panambi20.

In future I will share all my pictures, posts, youtube videos etc. on TSŪ. I believe very strong this will be wonderful. It is a combination of Facebook and Instagram with some other functions. This are my two favorite social networks…in one!

TSŪ will also be my principal network,  where I will answer all of your questions and comments.  I need to take everything into one place, so my attention is focused on one place and I can better concentrate answering or communicating with all of you.

I hope to see you soon there, a lot of ideas in my mind ❤

Have a wonderful week everybody!
Hugs & Kisses 💋

My Little Journey


Hello beautiful readers, friends and family, 🌹

I wanted to share a little piece of my life with you.
Some years ago, I think it was almost 8 years ago, I started to search who I really am and where I come from. I knew my mother was Brazilian, my father was German and I was born in Germany growing up in Mexico and studying in Germany.

I wanted to know more about who I was and from where I come from, so started doing my researches and my first information was that I come from a little island near the Amazonian Forest in the Atlantic Ocean from my mother’s side and that I am probably Native American of Brazil.  From my father’s side it was clear: a nordic German. But from my mom’s side it was very unclear with all the unsecure information I was becoming.  I couldn’t ask any family over there, because I was told that the small family that existed once, all died because of age (Grandmother and two sisters) and there wasn’t more family.  The family who showed up and claimed themselves Native American,  was a mistake. Well in such a journey this kind of things happen and we have to stay strong and keep on going focusing on our goal.

I kept on doing my research and learned that Brazil, very similar to the USA, is a Country composed full of different nationalities like African, Asian, European and Polynesian. For some reasons,  maybe this unexplained attraction I had since little to Hawaii and specially for Hula, I kept on doing my researches about the Polynesian emigration to South America and vualá I found some specific biological marks that are typical of almost all the people that come from Polynesia, specially from Tahiti that my mother had and she inherited to me.
For me this biological proof was enough to find finally peace and know who I am. And I believe that the Universe/God/Life or whoever we believe runs this World, helped me and pushed me in the right direction.
It also explained why I am such a tropical person and have big problems to adjust to this cold weather in Germany for years and now in Scandinavia,  eventhough I love Scandinavia, its people and culture with all my heart, this long cold winter and unstable weather is not the best for my health. And it explains,as a Tropical person, that for me are a plantbased lifestyle and diet the most effective and healthy.

But for me personally my journey “Who am I?” is now closed with the most beautiful peace I can feel. I found a balance of being an European,  a German and a Brazilian with Polynesian Ancestors. 
I think it is a beautiful fusion and sincerely I ❤ it !

If you have the same feeling of knowing who you are and where you come from, I recommend you to do it and walk the journey,  ups and downs will be on the way, but by always focusing on your goal everything will balance out and we recognize why things happen, that they always have a reason and that they always bring us foward, till we reach our goal and life can be so rewarding.
I’m ❤ my life.

So if you were following my blog or Facebook or Instagram, you know I was searching a place for my future for most of the time in the year in a more Tropical place, it was between México,  Hawaii and Brazil… but now life gave me enough information about a place that is 100% perfect, with everything I have dreamed of: between 16 – 20 degrees all year! Over 250 days sun, at the Ocean and a fusion of Americans and Europeans where I don’t need to give up my European living standards,  because this is one of the things I didn’t wanted to give up… yes I am a bit spoiled and I believe that I deserve it :)
The best is I already know this place, I was there and felt in love with the place and specially with the people full of good vibes, like here in the South of Scandinavia ❤

In March 2015 I also had my 2 year Raw Vegan birthday. Now only 6 months to complete the basic body and soul healing…and yes most of the issues I had are healed. This is for me a lifestyle I will keep all my life, because not only doing good to myself, but also to animals and the environment and I believe that the healing process will keep going on after this 2 1/2 years.

I have many changes in this 6 months, so much possitive beautiful things going on, that I will be much lesser on social media focusing on all the new things and new beginnings.

And I hope to be much more richer on ideas and creativity to share many surprises I have in mind with you 🎁.

Till then, stay well, stay healthy and take care 💐

Much love, hugs and kisses 💋

My 30 Days 100% Raw Adventure


Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I wanted to share my second start going 100% raw. I started it middle of December 2014, till middle of January 2015. My final goal was to reach the 100% raw lifestyle and after my first try and what happened to me while running, had to stop and go back to some cooked food till I knew what was going on with my body.  And we find out, when we start this lifestyle, the body needs a lot of rest to  get used to this new food and it detoxes a lot… well it was in my case, every body is and reacts different. What I didn´t knew is that in my case, sports was good, but the low impact, like walking, yoga, hula or jogging… and I was trying to run my used 5km with high impact, so my body couldn´t handle this.

So now I did my 30 days 100% raw and it was an excellent experience and for me I have reached my final goal. In my journey till here I learned so many things, like how to combine food the best so I feel good, for me it is better to eat 4 times little amounts, because I don´t like to feel to full, takingVitamin B12 was the key of some health issues I had, that now they are gone, where to buy what and when, what do I love and what I don´t like.

At the end I will remain like this: I will keep eating a plantbased raw diet and when I want I will eat also cooked food (all vegan/plantbased) at the evenings or when eating social, depending on the ocation and place I am. Now I tried all varieties and this works the best for me and it is when I feel the best.

On the plantbased diet my health improved immensely, my skin cleared completely as you can see on this picture: First Visible Transformation , my hair changed and felt all out in one year, now I had to cut the rest till under the shoulders, but it is healthy strong full curly hair I didn´t have had since I was a Teen Ager, beautiful and growing very fast. I am also a more balanced person and I have this happy high 24/7 all plantbased eaters talk about and I am so fast and active… I just feel wonderful.

Maybe at the end of this summer, I will do a full body after & before picture to see more improvements, it depends on if I reach the goal of my personal dream body this summer, because that is going very very slowly, specially now my first winter in Scandinavia as a runner (last winter I was living in the south of Germany), I am not going everyday for a run Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge…. I know it is a good sign when the body is going to its perfect size slowly, it means that the fat is really gone and it is not like this yoyo-effect…. it is going to its perfect shape and I am really loving it.

So now that I know which kinds of foods are for me the best and how I will remain with my diet, I will concentrate more on the sporty side of my Lifestyle in the next months and build up my condition and my body to an athlete… and of curse to see how my health improves day after day Herz

So this is my update for the new year 2015 and I hope you like it.Vor Lachen auf dem Boden wälzen

Have a wonderful day everybody!

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


SUP Surfing in Cancún


Hello dear readers, friends and familyRote Rose

Today I wanted to start my blog series about sports. Since a beautiful friend of mine, that lives is Cancún, started to give clases of this interesting watersports now in January, thought I start with  some SUP inspiration.

If you are in Cancún or plan to do some vacation in Cancún, México, or you live in Cancún looking for a SUP teacher or team and want to try this watersport or you are already an expert and looking to meet other fans, I really really recomend my friend, he is a very nice and simpatetic guy. You can visit and contact him in his Facebook page and already see how wonderful pictures he is posting, they are amazing!!!

Facebook Link: Paddle Caribe Mexico-SUP/Amateur Sports Team


What is SUP Surfing?

Stand Up Paddling – means standing up move with a long bladed paddle on a SUP board.

The SUP board is specifically designed for this sport. Visually, it looks like a surf board in it much longer, wider, has a lot more lift and is extremely tip-resistant.

Stand Up Paddling is a combination of surfing, canoeing and fitness workout and connects them to an ideal manner.

Stand Up Paddling can be anywhere, for example, comfortably on a river or on the waves of the sea.

Origin of Stand Up Paddling

The History of SUP surfing goes way back up to the Polynesians, they paddled standing with their canoe on the open sea to fish there.

50 years ago the surfers  time  began and in Hawaii people started to spend surfing. They found that paddling is a good workout  for muscles and mind.
Surf legends like Robby Naish, Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama Waterman discovered the SUP surfing  10 years ago new and made it popular worldwide.

SUP as a workout

Stand Up Paddling is very easy to learn, soothes and relaxes, strengthens the back, abdomen and upper body muscles and train your balance.

Stand Up Paddling is a very good all-round training. When paddling are especially shoulders and arms,  triceps, strengthened. Due to the position on the board, a voltage is produced from ankle to neck muscles, also benefit for abdominal muscles.

The constant balancing of legs and core muscles are trained, so the SUP surfing is also recommended for back problems.

SUP is a joint-gentle sport that also loosens tense neck and shoulder muscles and stimulates circulation in the back.

It is particularly well suited in the context of prevention and therapy within the physiotherapy, because almost all muscle groups are gently raised and trained.

Thus, physical fitness is not only improved noticeably, even  injuries can be treated specifically.

SUP is not strenuous than cycling, but brings a higher fitness effect and is absolutely harmless.


Photo Credit: Rachel Brathen

Yoga on the table

One of the most recent developments is the combination of surf rowing with yoga.
Yoga requires concentration, endurance and patience, and the table provides an extra dimension of balance.

The setting and placidity of water help you achieve the perfect mood for meditation and practice of this discipline.

“Enthusiasts say that SUP Yoga brings a new dimension to their workouts. It builds core strength more effectively than traditional yoga because you have to work the midsection more to stay in balance. Other key components are range of motion and balance. Since so much of yoga is focused on posture, it’s pretty easy to tell when your pose is not aligned properly on water, as your board slowly begins to list to one side. Participants also have the added advantage of being able to commune with nature, instead of a stifling hot gym or yoga studio. The sound of waves lapping at the board helps focus your mind, and provides a gentle rhythm for your breathing.”  -Joshua Estrin

And people, I love love Yoga and I love love the Ocean…  and this is one of the things I will try and learn in my life. I am so enthusiastic with SUP Yoga, it is two favorite things in one: Yoga and the Ocean. I love this life! Herz

I hope you like this post and it also inspired you to try this amazing watersport… maybe even to visit beautiful Cancún México.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and also a wonderful start in this year 2015.

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund


My First Polynesian Dance Performance + Happy 2015!



Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose


I hope everybody started this year wonderful! I wish everyone of you a year full of abundance, love, health, happiness and lots of success Herz

As some of you know I am a lover of the Polynesian Dance.
And this Tahitian song will be my first public polynesian dancing performance this year.


Please join my page Polynesia; Nature, Beach & Ocean to see when it is coming out and support me.
Thank you very much for your support.

Hugs & KissesKussmund