My New You Tube Channel Aphrodite Rosequartz


Hello dear readers, friends and family Rote Rose

Today I had the experience that I couldn´t enter to my old You Tube Channel, because You Tube is telling me that it is been hacked. I tried everything, but it didn´t work. I don´t know how the hacker changed my profile or what ever he needed, so I can´t enter to my old channel again. You Tube suggested me to open a new channel and after thinking some time about this idea, I am doing it.

I see it as a chance to start like with a new peace of white paper, as an opportunity and as a sign of the Universe for all the ideas I have coming in the future. My view of life is: When one door closes, the right one opens and for a better reason.

I am sharing this last blog entry on both of my Blogs, because it automatically repostes on my old YouTube/Google+ account, so all the people that are viewers or follow me on that channel can see where I am now and what happend.

This is my new You Tube Channel: APHRODITE ROSEQUARTZ

Much love to everybody HerzRegenbogen

Hugs & Kisses Kussmund

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To My New Blog Aphrodite Rosequartz


Hello readers, friends and family Rote Rose

I opened a new blog with the right internet adress.

My old blog is also very full,  so decided to open a new one, with new energies and ideas.

Please subscribe and follow me on my new blog: NEW BLOG LINK: Aphrodite Rosequartz 

This is my last post on this  blog and hope to see you participating on my new blog, Thank you very much.

Have a wonderful blessed week everybody! Kussmund

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Green Beans, Tofu & Rice


Hello readers, friends and family 🌹

I am starting to share some of my recipes again.

Yummy ❤

✔ sautéed green beans
✔  onions and organic
✔ natural tofu in oliveoil with some ginger and pepper. ..

On the plate, rice on the one side and on the other side lamb’s lettuce sprinkled with 1 / 2 of a lemon as a basis for the sautéed veggies.  Also added some chili to my rice since I like this spicy.

This is a bit higher in fat, so it is good to reduce the intake of fat the day before or after, so that the intake of 10 – 15g fats a day, balances out.

Have a wonderful Sunday everybody! ❤ 💋

🌺 Aphrodite 🌺

I Will Find You.


(Source Photo: Silence Please – Photo)

❤ 🎼🎶 No matter where you go I will find you,
If it takes long long time.
No matter where you go I will find you,
If it takes a thousand years.
No matter where you go I will find you,
in a place with no frontears.
No matter where you go I will find you,
If it takes a thousand years.  🎶🎼❤

Music: Clanned – I Will Find You

“I am the Master of my Spirit.
The Lord of my Soul.
The Prince of my Heart.
The King of my Destiny.
I am the Priest of my inner Sanctum.
I am a Male Witch.” -Unknown

The Hidden Virtues And Talents Of Women


(Picture form Krist Mort. Krist Mort is an analogue fine art and fashion photographer living and working in Austria.)

Hello readers, friends and family Rote Rose

today I would like to write about thouse hidden virtues and talents of us woman, that are feared to live freely or suppressed by themselves or others. I want to talk about the shaman, pristress, witch and goddess in ourselves. I want to encourage every woman in this world to be and live free her God given gifts as her heart content. And I want to encourage every emancipated, free and loving men to help us with it, specially because you know this virtues are in you too and you believe in equality. (Thank you very much to all our men that support Herz)

I want to write for all tipe of Lifestyles, where woman can be themselves, everything is right. But I want specially point out the Lifestyle of the Witch, because it has the most resistence in our society.

“Everywhere in ancient times woman were shamans. They were always connected with divination and with the movements and currents of the earth, as if they could not be separated.

Woman shamans, witches, priestesses, etc. are frequently portrayed naked and grounded in the phisical body, openly sexual, chanting, singing, dancing to make rain, healing, girthing, playing musical instruments, waving, planting etc.




Old souls, protectors of the earth, defenders of the right, speakers of the truth, guradians of the animals, lovers of the rivers and oceans, worshipers of the  moon, followers of the sun, seekers of enlightment, believers in equality, practitioners of magic, protesters for nature, warriors against darkness, fighters against ignorance, and voices for victims.

“Witchcraft… is a spiritual path. You walk it for nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the Universe, and to thereby better know your own life.” –Christopher Penczak

“They tried to make us conform to religion, we clung to our spirituality. The tried to hang us, our spirit remained. They tried to burry us, they didn´t realize that we are seeds. They tried to burn us at the stake and drown us in wells, but they didnt realize that the elements are our friends.

In the end they called us evIl, not realizing that we are Nature and she is Divine.”  -DJ Hinton





The pentagram is a five-pointed star with its lines often interlaced and enclosed within a circle.

It is a symbol of protection. The top point of the star represents the true Spirit or the Goddess. The other four points symbolize the elements of creation: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The star as a whole, symbolize the spirit bringing the elements into natural harmony.


Quite the opposite of its unfortunate reputation, the pentacle is a symbol of harmony, health and mystic powers. The Pythagoreans adopted it as a sign of health and the marriage of heaven and earth. As a sign of heaven, earth, as well as human body and mind, the pentacle holds great power. So much so, that it was used as a protective emblem among alchemists and magicians alike. Specifically, alchemists would press this symbol on hermetic books to emphasize the knowledge within as being protected and sacred.  (Source: What Is Your Sign – Ancient Alchemy Symbols)



Celtic, Druididm, Gaia, Native American Spirituality, Australian Aborigne, Peganism, Shamanism, Shintoism, Wicca/Witchcraft; Buddhism etc. are under the umbrella of Earth & Nature Based Spirituality.

Everything is connected, God/The Creator, the Universe, the Galaxies, the Planets and Mother Earth with us all Earthlings.

There is not right or wrong. Everything we choose as individuals, as the expression of our inner selves and higher selves is right. As we need white, we need black… as we need inside, we need outside… as we need up, we need down… everything has a natural balance… as we need femenine, we need masculine.

Every expression we choose, if we are Christians, Jewish, Muslems etc. or Pegans (Earth Based Spirituality), is right, in all is God/The Creator meeting our needs and giving us an individual inspiration to express ourselves. But one is for all of us: respecting each other our different ways of expression and co-creation.

We all have Ayurveda (Living a healthy lifestyle according our biology), Astrology (Living according the Sun, Moon, Planets, Equinox), Meditation (Prayer, Spells, Wishes, encounters etc.) and many other things that connects us in some way of expression in our believes.

In all of the believes and religions are people with good intention and also bad intentions. At the End this is what counts, THE INTENTIONS. And to keep a balance in this Universe, we need both. Create and destroy, to build the new. Remember the situation, when someone have had “bad intentions”, that made you stronger or to take a different desicion that brought you to a better life or to your destination. All Creation is good.

There are no rules to choose your inner Goddess, or how to be a witch a shaman or a pristress, you can choose from everything and be your own, from the expression of your clothing, your believing, what you practice, from which source you learn, solitary or in a group and your own Lifestyle. We are not prototypes, we are INDIVIDUALS. Herz

Rote RoseRote RoseRote RoseRote Rose

Being a Witch is not a hobby,

it is not a trend or style.

I am not going to grow out of it.

It is a way of life.

It is who I am.





Rote RoseRote RoseRote RoseRote Rose

Wishing everybody a wonderful Sunday!

Rote Rose Aphrodite Rote Rose

Fireworks Of Love


Hello readers, friends and family 🌹

Today I want to share some beautiful words that captivated me, from a beautiful soul I follow on Instagram.  Her Name is Jenna Davila and she is a Plant-Based Health/Wellness Coach. Website: Happy and Raw

“The more beauty you see in yourself, the more beauty you will see in the world. By maintaining a high vibratory frequency of love, a love so deep you feel it within your soul, a love that can only come directly from your heart is how one can subside all fears and doubts.  This enables one to stay in full confidence within their authenticity.  It is an absolute knowing of all the beauty that you are.

Never let anyone give you value. The totality of value comes from within.  The only one judging you is yourself. Anytime you allow doubt to creep into your space, chaos and confusion will ensure which gives away your power to lower energies disconnecting you from your beingness, the true magnificent,  beautiful light that you are!

You are full of LIGHT child! Remind yourself you are worthy, you are deserving, you are intelligent,  you are abundant, you are love, compassion, kindness, beauty,  peace, harmony, grace and so fort.

Staying focused on self – love allows the sacred fire to brush like fireworks over and over again until you are so stable in your love foundation you become GOLD! You can do this I believe in you allways.” -Jenna Davila

This touched me very much and my heart filed with warmth.  I hope it does the same to you dear reader.:)

I wish you a wonderful weekend! 💋❤

🌺 Aphrodite 🌺

Old Soul



Picture: Deviantart Dustsplat – Kingdom Age – Elf

Music to Text:  Viking Music Einherjer – Composed by Adrian von Ziegler


I saw the stardust in the Universe taking form,

creating new life, destroying alredy created life and the rebirth of new life.

Dark and White, always together hand in hand, transforming.


I saw thoughts passing by, feelings taking over my etherical body,

while flying true this Universe and other Universes in Creation,

taking one form after another, enjoying and crying.


I have felt Love and the absence of Love,

I have felt both, both forces very powerful,

in my mind and in my feelings.


The beauty of Love has captivated me for all eternal time

and the absence of Love has made me destroy,

but to love more the beauty of Love.


Love, Love is the foremost force in me…

…and I remember…

…I remember the time of Giants, Elfs & Trolls…

…I remember the time of witches being part of the circle…

…I remember of sunken Continents…

…I remember of colapsed Worlds and Galaxies…

And in my heart is Love.



Picture Source: ULFIED